Exiting weekend in Leonberg September 26-28th

It is always very nice to visit the "hometown" of the Leonberger. You never know which suprises you will find...We had a great time with all friends from Europe and USA for two days and three nights.At the Union meeting on Saturday there were about 30 people from 16 countries.In the evening we had a nice dinner outside in the fine weather.On Sunday when the show was held the weather was not so good. It hasn't rain for one month,but now it did.There are always six-seven judges and you never know before the morning who is judging which class.Unfortunetaly the champion and open class females was judged by a brand new judge.It can be difficult to find the right type if you haven't enough experience of the breed."Triss" was only placed fifth in the champion class and I wasn't pleased at all for this.In the other rings the dogs were judged by well known and breed specialists. Best female became a french beautiful female from "Zuchtclass"called Pam-Pam du Manoir de la Roanne.Grizzly was entered to the honour class. A class where the dog has to be an International champion or already a BOB winner from Leonberg.Grizzly was placed second behind the beautiful strong male Barney von der Johann-Adams-Mühle.A son of my Dragongårdens Ämir vor Welland, Colja vom Eichbottsee, achieved Club Jugend Sieger, which was great! Anyhow we had a nice day and we were happy for Birthe Nybo from Denmark when her male Khaimas' Midnight Moreno achieved Clubsieger and BOB.

Union meeting

At the dinner

More people

Open class female Fiona vom Weiltal

Open class male Montego vom Dreiburgenland V4

Lunch time

Honour class male Barney von der Johann-Adams-Mühle V1

Patty and Pascal Meys with their dogs

Petra and Inger waiting for the finals in the rain

Club Jugend Sieger

Breeding classes

All judges in the finalring

Clubsieger BOB Khaimas'Midnight Moreno