Sista utställningen som valp, 7 månader gammal. BIS-2 valp i Borås!/Finishing her puppy career at the age of 7 months old with a RunnerUp BEST IN SHOW Puppy at the all breed show in Borås!
Kylie has been shown five times as a puppy;
* BEST IN SHOW Puppy at the club show in Hässelholm
* BEST IN SHOW-3 Puppy at the Int. KC show in Hässleholm
* BEST OF BREED Puppy at Austria Winner
* BEST OF BREED Puppy & top-6 in BEST IN SHOW at European Winner
* RunnerUp BEST IN SHOW Puppy at KC Nat. show in Borås!

BIR på både Austria Winner och European Winner och även top-6 i BIS-valp på EW! 6,5 mån gammal./BOB-puppy on both Austria Winner and European Winner, and also top-6 in BEST IN SHOW-puppy at EW! 6,5 months old.

6 månader gammal/6 months old

Kylies officiella utställningdebut, i Hässleholm i maj. BIR- och BEST IN SHOW-3 Valp!/Kylie's official show debute in May, BOB- & BIS-3 Puppy!

5 månader gammal/5 months old

4,5 månader gammal/4,5 months old

13 v. gammal/13 weeks old

10 v. gammal/10 weeks old

9 v. gammal/9 weeks old

Kylie VS morfar Marwin 9 v. gamla/Kylie VS grandpa Marwin at the age of 9 weeks old

8 v. gammal/8 weeks old

7 v. gammal/7 weeks old

5 v. gammal/5 weeks old

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